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About Foundational Marketing

Foundational Marketing offers more than 20 years of experience in the digital marketing industry.

Specializing in offering affordable/high-quality services for small businesses, they are your trusted service provider.

Foundational Marketing differentiates itself from other marketing agencies primarily through improved operational logistics and by keeping overhead costs low.  These increased efficiencies and low operational costs equate to better customer service and lower costs to clients while retaining high-quality services.

The quality of digital marketing services matches or exceeds the quality of “premium agencies” while offering pricing that is typically 55% less.


To offer high quality digital marketing services at affordable small business prices.


    To build long-term relationships with our clients through ethical business practices and providing quality services at affordable prices. Our success is defined by ensuring our clients are successful. When our clients win, we win.

      Core Values

        Dignity & Respect

        We treat every client as we would want to be treated.

        Affordability & Quality

        Affordability does not exist without quality. We believe in operating in a manner that provides high quality services while remaining affordable for small businesses.

        Earned Loyalty

        We believe in an ongoing effort to earn our client loyalty and do so by not locking clients into contracts. No contracts ever.


        Understanding our low cost

        Most digital marketing agencies charge a premium price because they add in for the assumed consulting costs, 24/7 customer support and to pay for a large volume of in-house staff and hardware.

        • Our customer support is through email only.
        • We do not offer ongoing consultative services to our clients.


        The ideal client

        The ideal client is a business owner that is looking for a simple and cost friendly solution for their digital marketing needs.  They don’t want to be oversold, deal with aggressive salespeople, want a simple way to manage their services and overall, just want someone to do the work for them without the hassle and heavy expense.  In short, our clients want affordable and effective digital marketing solutions at an affordable price.  This is exactly what we do.

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